SAIFM strives to promote the financial markets industry and the practitioners who are active in the industry by providing professional training and other activities with a view to promote the objectives specified in the Charter and the ideals of the National Qualifications Framework. Membership therefore should encompass the broad spectrum of activities in the markets and provide the possibility of progression through the various classes of membership.

SAIFM has been recognized by SAQA as a professional body for the South African financial markets in terms of section 13(1) of the National Qualifications Act, 2008. This means that our professional designations are now registered on the National Qualifications Framework:

  • Member of the Institute of Financial Markets (MIFM)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Financial Markets (FIFM)

This is a very beneficial development for SAIFM as a professional body and our members and fellows, as it will contribute to skills development and professional service delivery in South Africa whereby ethical conduct and continued professional development will enhance the professionalism and integrity of our industry.

SAIFM will fulfil its role as professional body among others by monitoring that members adhere to SAIFM’s Code of Conduct and fulfil their continued professional development obligations.